Level Test

    1- I like________places with lots of music and lots of things to do.

    A. relaxed
    B. lively
    C. safe
    D. quiet

    2- We’ve lived in this house________2011.

    A. for
    B. ever
    C. since
    D. when

    3- How________does this shirt cost?

    A. many
    B. much
    C. any
    D. some

    4- I don’t have________time to do my homework tonight.

    A. any
    B. some
    C. lot
    D. few

    5- My phone is________than your phone.

    A. best
    B. better
    C. the best
    D. good

    6- James and I________computer games all of last night.

    A. was played
    B. did play
    C. were playing
    D. was play

    7- At ten o’clock this morning, I________       .

    A. studied
    B. studying
    C. have studied
    D. was studying

    8- I can’t come to the class tomorrow because I________to the dentist.

    A. go
    B. will go
    C. am going
    D. to go

    9- Do you think people________on other planets in the future?

    A. will live
    B. are living
    C. are to live
    D. go to live

    10- On a clear night, you can see the________in the sky.

    A. moon
    B. sand
    C. storm
    D. wave

    11- English________in by many people all over the world.

    A. speaks
    B. speaking
    C. is spoken
    D. is speaking

    12- I’ll go to the beach tomorrow________it rains.

    A. when
    B. if
    C. unless
    D. in case

    13- If I________, I would work harder.

    A. be you
    B. am you
    C. were you
    D. you

    14- When I was younger, I________in the park every afternoon.

    A. had played
    B. was playing
    C. used to play
    D. did play

    15- He________cooking the dinner by the time I arrived home.

    A. hadn’t finished
    B. didn’t finish
    C. wasn’t finished
    D. hasn’t finished

    In about 50 words write about yourself. Pease tell me your name, your age, and things you enjoy doing? (TRY TO WRITE IN FULL SENTENCES)